Mg R-tree Library

Here is a simple R-tree implementation with C++ source code. The simplicity implies following restrictions: 2-dimensionality, in-memory storage, no R-star-tree functionality, coordinates approximated with 4-byte integers.

The library is distributed with source code as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The library has been compiled in MS Windows platform to a DLL with the Visual C++ compiler (tested OS / compiler versions: 95, XP / 4, 6) .

Library usage is demonstrated on an example application, Segment Incidences Detector, which computes and reports singularities in incidences between line segments. Such a task often arises in the field of GIS (geographic information systems) where a regular segment arrangement is requested.


The library (as of September 4, 2003) Data set with 38718 segments


Library author

Ondřej Pavlata
Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic

Known issues